Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas & New Year's

        We had a wonderful Christmas and NewYear's! How about you? We spent both of the Holiday's with Dustin's Family. We had some fun and crazy times! Well al got together on Christmas Eve and met at the Temple visitor center and watched a fun video and then looked at the display of the sculptures of Christ. After that we all gathered on the Temple grounds to get some family pictures( to see those visit my Photography blog @ It was a little cold outside but we got some good pictures. After the Temple we went to visit Grandpa Jack and drop off a beautiful quit that Ceri made for him out of his old work clothes from Farr's Ice Cream and also a red wool skirt that was Grandma Lola's! It was nice to visit with Grandpa Jack! He told us some stories and of coarse we sang some Christmas carols with him! Next it was on to the Church house. We reserved Dustin & I's Church house for the evening and we played kick ball, chatted and ate a lot of amazing food! After all of that we headed over to Ceri's house so that the kids could get their Grammy Jammies! We also exchanges our Ornaments and watched a power point that Dustin did of the Nativity Story! It was a wonderful Christmas Eve. When we got back to our house we opened our Jammies and other Christmas eve gifts. Dustin's sister Heather got to stay at our house and spend Christmas eve and Christmas morning with us!

Christmas Morning was so nice and relaxing. Rylee didn't even wake up until 8 which was nice! We got up and saw what Santa had brought us and then enjoyed taking our time opening gifts! After all the gifts we had Breakfast. I had made this Crock Pot casserole. It had hash browns, bacon, cheese & a egg mixture that you pour over it and cook it on low for like 8 hours! It worked out so well. i put it in the crock pot before I went to bed and it was all ready to eat that next morning! I love stuff like that! After that we got ready for Church and we all attend Jack and Al's ward. Jack and the kids had parts in their program so we all went and watched. After church we all went back to our houses and I got all the food that I was in charge of ready and we met at Jack & Alison's house to have dinner, play games and do our family gift exchange. We had a wonderful dinner and had a lot of just hanging out and enjoying each others company!  
        So I guess I'll jump over to New Year's Eve. Dustin, Rylee & I went down to Utah that weekend to help him sister Heather move into her new apartment. It was really fun to help her pack up her stuff and then help her put it in her new apartment. I love to help other organize their stuff. Maybe it's because I know that i will have someone it talk to and it makes it go by faster. (maybe I need someone to come over and talk to me so I can organize my stuff!) We decided to have a new quiet night for New Year's Eve. We were all kinda tired for moving so we just made some fun food and just relaxed and watched some movies and such! We stayed in Utah until Monday afternoon so we got to go to Dustin's sister's ward and then we had another fun night of playing some games with the kids and then Heather, Lindsay & I watched The Help!! I love that movie! It made me laugh & and cry. I am reading the book now! All in all we had a wonderful holiday season! It has been hard to get back into the swing of things! 

(Be prepared for a lot of pictures!!)

Christmas Eve

Ceri & Grandpa Jack

Grandpa Jack & The Great Grandkids

Grandpa Jack & Grandkids

Playing Kickball @ the Church

Rylee & Addi being silly!

Grandkids in their Grammy Jammies

Heather opening her Jammies on Christmas eve

 Dustin & his Christmas Eve Jammie's 
Rylee opening her Christmas Eve gift from Mom & Dad

Lindsey opening her Christmas Eve Jammies

Christmas Morning

Rylee seeing what she got in her stocking

Rylee with her American Girl Doll that she got from Santa! (Just what she wanted)

Heather looking at the stuff from her stocking

Rylee got Just Dance 3! I love capturing that look of excitement!

Lindsey got Glee Karaoke! I don't know what kind of face I'm making! (by the way.. Rylee took all the pictures of me! she does a really good job don't you think!)

Dustin with his new Boise State Blanket! An amazing lady in my mom's ward made it! she makes them and gives them away at there potlucks. I won this one! The lady said that in 2011 she had made 83 of these blankets & gave them away for free!! WOW!

This present is a date a month gift that Dustin and I gave her! She gets to open one envelope at the first of each month and then there is a date in each one for her to go on with Dad or Mom! She also got 6 bonus dates that have gift cards to her favorite places to eat! She wasn't quite sure if she was excited about but she got to open her first one and it is a bowling date with Dad! Now that she really gets it she is super excited to open a new one every month!

This is me after opening the cutting mat for my new Cricut Mini!!!!! Dustin got it for me and I was completely surprised and excited! I am so excited to be able to get creative with it! If you don't know what it is ( it's okay if you don't! It just came out) then you should go to and check it out! it is pretty awesome!

New Year's Eve

Heather lounging and watching a movie on New Year's Eve

Dustin & Rylee just hanging out and watching a movie on New Year's Eve

Dustin & I kissing @ Midnight ( I have no clue why Dustin is just staring at me. He thinks he is so funny!)

 Trying to take a nice picture of Dustin & I (Yeah right!)
Decided to just get silly

All of us. Rylee didn't want to take a picture & she was super tired! It is midnight after all. Right after this picture She went upstairs and crashed. Her head couldn't even hit the pillow before she was out!

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